Cunnilingus lessons. How and what should be done?

Girls love to be satisfied orally. This brings them closer to their partner during sex and makes any woman feel more desirable. Unfortunately, not all guys are ready for such sacrifices. Someone thinks that it is simply unacceptable, dirty and humiliating, but there are those who simply do not know how to properly give pleasure to their partners. Luckily, there are special cunnilingus lessons today. there, professional teachers will tell and show you all the techniques you need to enjoy.

A simple cunnilingus school for beginners

Let’s say you brought a chick you liked to your apartment, which, first of all, gave you a good blowjob, tender lips. You, like a real gentleman, will definitely thank her for her efforts. In class, the kuni talk about a good version of oral foreplay called “flight of the moth.”

You need to relax, tune in to the dive. Touch the lover’s womb with your tongue. Pussy caresses should be fast. It is worth paying attention to the clitoris. He needs to be tickled until the chick gets the orgasm she needs. It will come quickly enough.

Proper Oral Techniques

If you really want to surprise your girlfriend, then it would be useful even to go to cunnilingus courses. They really exist and are very popular among the people. The option of zigzags and eights at first glance may seem a little complicated. But just a few days of practice and you will be able to control the onset of bright ecstasy in your friend. And she will appreciate your efforts at the highest level.

In class, kuni talk about a special method called the icicle. Thanks to this, your beloved will also end violently as in a professional porn video. The female clitoris is often compared to the male reproductive organs. It does have a lot of nerve endings. Touching the innermost part of the female body brings its mistress to true pleasure. It is taken into the mouth and gently sucked with the lips.

Girls like it when their crotch is not just licked, but at the same time the G-spot is well stimulated. To do this, you can use your fingers or a vibrator. Any other adult toy will do. The mistress will be able to get two orgasms at the same time – clitoral, as well as vaginal.

If you want to be on the same wavelength with your partner, then listen to cunnilingus lessons. You can’t go anywhere. All important information is available on the Internet. Each of these techniques has its own difficulties or advantages. It is important to choose the one that your loved one likes the most. Each girl’s body is individual. All young or adult beauties react differently to affection and stimulation. Remember that the companion must be completely relaxed, then the guaranteed result will not be long in coming. And after that, most likely, the time will come for a quality sexual intercourse, during which you will already receive bliss together.

What type of lubricant or intimate gel to choose?

Lubricant is a drug whose task is to moisten the vagina or anus, which facilitates sexual intercourse, especially in case of excessive dryness of these parts of the body. Intimate gels prevent irritation and abrasions, and sometimes have an anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect.

Lubrication is not an invention of our time, because in ancient times, people sought to improve sexual relations for women who struggled with excessive vaginal dryness. In ancient Greece, olive oil was used for this. Today, such lubrication can be dangerous, especially if a man uses a condom, because the fat reduces the elasticity of the latex, which gives sperm a chance to penetrate the egg. The best solution seems to be special sex gels bought in a store or pharmacy, the choice of which is very rich.

Why do you need lubrication?

This material is invaluable for escorts who have problems with vaginal dryness. Under normal conditions, natural secretions are formed within a few seconds of sexual stimulation, which makes the sexual relationship easier and more enjoyable. But when the foreplay takes a short period of time, the discharge may not appear. Sometimes dryness is due to other causes, such as stress, fatigue, use of oral contraceptives, antibiotics or antidepressants, chemotherapy, and sometimes improper use of laundry detergents or cosmetics, especially for intimate hygiene.

Intimate gels are useful for both ordinary women and whores whose vaginal dryness is the result of a natural decrease in secretion after childbirth or during menopause, when the level of estrogen in the body decreases. This leads to the fact that sexual intercourse becomes unpleasant and even causes pain. Vaginal dryness is accompanied by an increased risk of vaginal infections, as well as inflammation of the bladder and other urinary tract problems such as stress urinary incontinence, which causes small amounts of urine to leak when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting heavy objects.

Lubricants bring relief and, above all, an increase in sexual sensations. In addition, some intimate gels available are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and additionally contain active agents that protect the delicate environment of the vagina against fungal infections.

Water based lubricant

The lubricant should be in consistency and pH (the quantitative scale of alkalinity and acidity of aqueous chemical compounds) most of all resemble the natural mucus secreted by a woman. Doctors usually recommend using water-based lubricants. Such gels not only provide hydration, but also do not pose a problem for the delicate and bacteria-sensitive vaginal environment.

In stores, especially in pharmacies, there are hypoallergenic water-based lubricants that are colorless, tasteless and odorless, do not contain harmful chemicals or other substances that cause irritation, and, above all, reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Intimate gels

The offer of lubricants is very rich. Intimate silicone gels have been very popular lately, they moisturize longer and work in long and intense relationships as well as anal sex. However, such products also have disadvantages – their consistency is more sticky, lubricants are more difficult to wash out, and they are not recommended for women prone to intimate infections.

Experts warn against overusing the currently trendy scented lubricants because they contain too many unnecessary ingredients, such as glycerin, which are difficult to remove from the vagina, increasing the risk of fungal and bacterial infections.

Lubricants that are scented, flavored, and especially warming should not be used by pregnant women. In this case, the best solution is specialized preparations for moisturizing the vagina with the addition of, for example, hyaluronic or lactic acid.

Thick gel for men

The lubricant is also beneficial for heterosexual and homosexual men. There are specially designed intimate gels on the market suitable for moisturizing during vaginal and anal sex, they can also be used to “slide” silicone sex toys for men: masturbators or prostate massagers. It is better to choose higher quality water-based lubricants because silicone sometimes damages these types of accessories.

Lubricant for anal sex

Intimate gels can also be used during anal sex. These lubricants are usually thicker, so they moisturize more effectively, providing better protection against possible abrasions and irritations. It is best to choose intimate gels based on natural ingredients, which often have soothing, antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties.

After what date can there be sex

Many men, when making their first dates with women, think about ending them with sex. However, not all women are ready for such a quick scenario. Often, if a man offers sex on the first date, many women refuse. An exception can only be girls of easy virtue or escorts.

Why do women refuse sex on the first date?

When inviting women on a first date, men often hope to end it with sex. But women are subtle natures, they want to know their partner as much as possible before entering into intimacy. On the first date, women want to show themselves as modest and shy creatures. Intimacy on the first date for them as an act of debauchery. For many women, sex on the first date is seen as easy accessibility. Women tend to observe and evaluate a potential sexual partner for a long time. On a first date, you rarely get to know a man enough to draw certain conclusions about him, so women usually reject sex on a first date.

After how many dates will sex take place?

This issue worries both women and men. Sometimes both partners aim to get to know each other better as soon as possible, and some approach this with all seriousness. There is no officially set number of dates after which sex must occur. Here, by and large, a lot depends on the initial and purpose of dating: to find the other half or to find a sex partner. In the second case, intimacy on the first date is more likely. In the first case, sex can occur at completely different time intervals. Dating aimed at creating relationships involves the communication of opposite sexes, the identification of common interests and a deep knowledge of each other. You can get to know each other for an eternity, however, when testing sexual desire, sex can take place on any of the dates.

Not always only women fundamentally do not give themselves up on a first date, it can also be men. This is explained by the fact that there are people with moral principles and upbringing of the old school who believe that sex before marriage is a sin! Despite this position in life, not everyone follows it. It is important to note that if sex does take place before the wedding, you need to inspire enough trust in the partner. People with moral principles study a person for a long time, the inner world is important to them and every detail is in the opposite field. After a detailed study, they can change their position, as they will be confident in the partner and agree to intimacy with him.

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